Whole-Home Renovation with a Grand Front-Entry

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Our client wanted to have an elegant space to call home and to entertain family members. Their kids were going off to college and would someday have families of their own that they would want a place to bring their children to. 

Project Overview

We encountered lots of challenges with this project, including a water leakage in the basement. While their home gym was being finished with drywall one evening, a storm flooded water into their brand-new gym! The crew had to rip out the drywall, tear out the cement steps leading to the outside and find a solution to stop the water from coming into the house. It was a long process before we could put the walls back together, but it is better to address these issues sooner than later. 

The focal point of the design for us was the main entry—steps leading to the front door, tiled entry with a coffered ceiling, and a sparkling chandelier set a tone that was grand, inviting, and homey. 

The end result showcased our work and our vision for this beautiful home. We put a lot of time and thought into this project and the clients were pleased with the outcome. 

kitchen interior redesign

Home Design Project Q & A

  • What is the style of this home?  The style of the home is contemporary with a modern touch. 
  • What was a unique challenge you ran into?  The work stopped immediately when the flooding started. We had to tackle the water problem right away because we did not want it to be a problem down the road. 
  • What was the most delightful part of the design? The walk to the main entry feels grand and sophisticated. The landscaping includes mature trees, shrubs, and of course water fountains in the pond. 
  • How long did the design take? We worked on this project for almost 3 years and in that time we were able to redesign their entire home.